About Open Spaces


The name, Open Spaces Coalition, is inspired by the film I Heart Huckabees, where the main character, Albert Markovski, runs a coalition attempting to preserve open spaces in the face of urban development (Great film, see it...).  

My inspiration for creating this site is partly due to my passion for wildlife, nature and conservation and partly due to the fantastic journey my graduate program is taking me on as I breathe in everything it has to offer.

I will leave you with a few wise words spoken by the character Albert Markovski in I Heart Huckabees; "I'm talking about not covering every square inch with houses and strip malls until you can't remember what happens when you stand in a meadow at dusk."

Who am I?


I am a graduate student dedicated to providing education and resources to help people make informed decisions every day that will impact our community, planet, and lives for the better.  This website is filled with information about our local and global climate, resources, recipes, ways we can help and more.  I believe each one of us can make a difference.