Meatless Monday (well, Tuesday) Menu! Get ready for Taco Tuesday, vegan style.

The bad news is, it is Tuesday. The good news is, its taco Tuesday! Ready for some delicious vegan tacos? Below I have posted this amazing, flexible recipe ready for your next Meatless Monday, or Taco Tuesday or Soy Chorizo Saturday! (or any day of the week!)

Confession: I have a serious love for tacos. It's obsessive, and some would maybe say an unhealthy obsession. I can seriously eat tacos for dinner every day. My husband shares a similar affinity for tacos (slightly less obsessive), so we have spent the past several years perfecting our vegan taco recipe and I think we are ready to share it with the masses.

First, there are many ways you can modify this dish to work best for you. I am going to lay down the guidelines, make suggestions, and leave the rest up to you!

Second, if you do not have access to a Trader Joes, this may be a bit tough, but I know there are alternatives, they just may not be *quite* as tasty. Still, I encourage you to explore!

Finally, share your modifcations! I want to know what you did to personalize your vegan taco experience!

Ingredients for 2-4 people

8-10 Tortillas- we prefer handmade flour tortillas, but pick your favorite!

1 can of beans- Black? Pinto? Refried? Or mash up some chickpeas!

1 package of Soy Chorizo (Trader Joes is the best in my opinion, but you can find soyrizo in most grocery stores)

2 cups rice (white, or add 1 cup salsa for red/green rice, or squeee a whole lime and some chopped cilantro for another tasty twist)




Garlic-optional for beans

Habanero Sauce-optional for beans or the soyrizo

Optional-guacamole or pico de gallo (make your own for even more deliciousness!)

Optional - any other toppings you want!

Set the oven on warm. Put tortillas in foil and place in oven. If you have a fancy tortilla my guest.

Prep rice in rice cooker or on stove, add supplementary ingredients while it is cooking to seal in the flavor.

In a pot, warm the beans. Feel free to add clove of minced garlic and/or a few drops of Habanero sauce to taste.

In a frying pan, heat up the soyrizo. Add habanero sauce to taste if you want it spicy!

While all warm ingredients are heating up, cut and prepare all vegetables. Save avocado for last to prevent browning.

Once rice is done and other ingredients are warmed up, pull tortillas from the oven and build your tacos!

This tasty recipe is fun and easy to make! Spice it up with garlic and habaero, or keep it mild, add your favorite ingredients and enjoy. This vegan, filling dish is sure to please even the most carnivorous taco eater!

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