The Colorado Lagoon: A Story about Survival

Recently I visited the Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach, on a mission to capture the beauty of this unique open space. The Lagoon is situated right i the heart of Belmont Heights on the way to Belmont Shore. Of course I have driven by it countless times and once or twice I have walked across the bridge that floats along the surface and reflected staring at the serene, glistening waters, but this mission was different. My mission was to educate others about this area and encourage everyone to visit.

I parked a block away to get a feel of the entire area. I wanted to capture pictures, and scope out some of the native wildlife. I observed a few species of birds and butterflies, various flowers and vegetation. The weather was perfect, but the lagoon was nearly empty, Monday afternoons will do that.

The best part, in my opinion, about the lagoon is the bridge. It spans across the water and lies right at the surface. On this day, the jellyfish population seemed to be exploding. I had never seen so many jellyfish. I tried very unsuccessfully to photograph them beneath the surface, but my Samsung just couldn't do them justice. I had never seen jellyfish in a lagoon and was curious about them. Turns out, they are moon jellies, and when the water has too many nutrients within, the population booms. They are quite the sight to see, hard to miss, and even harder to photograph!

What makes the Colorado Lagoon so interesting? The Colorado Lagoon is one of the last remaining urban watersheds in California. Oil operations in the late 19th century and urban development has changed this area dramatically. The water has become very polluted and beach goers at times, are restricted from swimming in the waters as a result. Despite the pollution and isolation, many birds and fish still find their way into this watershed, and it is our duty to restore and maintain this landmark area for our native wildlife.

There are many events held at the Colorado Lagoon targeted at getting the community involved in restoration, as well as, education events to learn about the native and migratory wildlife. Visit the home page of the Colorado Lagoon ( for the most up to date schedule of events and get involved. If volunteering is not your bag, make a date to come down and enjoy the Lagoon with your family. The more we respect nature, the more inclined we are to protect nature.

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