The Palm Oil Crisis and Race to

Save Our Rainforests

The Threat- Palm Oil Plantations

Palm oil is an agricultural commodity that is exported all over the world.  Palm oil is found in nearly 50% of all packaged goods sold in grocery stores including; cookies, chips, cereals, and even products used for personal care and around the house.  There are two main types of palm oil production; sustainable and conflict.  Conflict palm oil refers to that which was produced with the continued destruction of rainforests and/or violating human rights. Sadly, even in 2016, there are many companies still using conflict palm oil.  There is a better solution.  Say no to palm oil, or go sustainable.


Sustainable palm oil is produced by a palm oil plantation that has undergone an auditing process and is compliant with globally set environmental standards.  Check out the 2015 Palm oil scorecard to see which companies are making an effort, click on the icon below to open the PDF document.

Fight for what matters-The Leuser Ecosystem-The Last Place on Earth

The Leuser Ecosystem can be found within the Indonesian province, Aceh at the Northern most tip of Sumatra. Covering over 6.5 million acres, this vast land is the last place where the Sumatran orangutans, rhinoceros, sun bears, tigers, and elephants, all still can be found together in the wild.  This area provides critical habitat for wildlife and additionally, these forests also provide clean water to local communities and regulate our global climate through carbon storage within the standing forests. Without our rainforests, the global climate would change dramatically. The wildlife and rainforests are depending on you, and you depend on the rainforest, so why support it's destruction?  For snack food?  Watch the video below and see what you are saving when you say no to palm oil.